Wednesday, July 20, 2011

December 2010 Highlights

2. Cody was part of a recital the Clifton's held.

October 2010 Highlights

1. Chloe turns 5!
2. We went to Winchester for some family fun and apple pickin.
3. The annual Pelt and Davis West VA trip took place.
4. The boys ran the fun run in DC and then we went over to the American Indian Museum.

September 2010 Highlights

1. Jonathan was commissioned as a Pastor.
2. He went to Indo for a mission trip.
3. The Clifton's and our crew went hiking at Lake Anna.

August 2010 Highlights

1. Our family along with the Dowker's took a trip to the beach.
2. Cody went on his first big mission trip to Canada.

July 2010 Highlights

1. Jonathan and I found out we were expecting a little one. (We did not share the news at first.)
2. We held our annual July 4th party.
3. The kids and I ventured into DC to the Newseum.

pointing to a Taiwan newspaper

May 2010 Highlights

1. Cody turned 12!
2. Ashes, the kitty, joined our family.
3. Cody made the All Star team.

April 2010 Highlights

1. Kale turns 9!
2. We met my sister and the boys in DC for some fun.
3. Jennifer Clifton used her amazing talents for our family photos.
4. Chloe cut her hair and donated it to Locks of Love.
5. The Davis' and Clifton's enjoyed some fun at Alum Springs Park.
6. Cody began his baseball season.
7. Our family once again, enjoyed TVR!

March 2010 Highlights

1. Keegan turns 10!
2. Jonathan and I celebrated 15 years of marriage!
3. The kids meet the nephews.
4. Keegan began playing Challenger baseball.

February 2010 Highlights

1. Henry Slade and Jackson Matthew were born on February 19!!
2. Our first Disney trip! (Another blog post for this one later.)
3. Lots and lots of snow ending with no power and a hotel stay.

January 2010 Highlights

1. Aunt Wendy had a shower for the twins.
2. Our family went in the freezing cold to see the Festival of Lights in Richmond.
3. Our family along with the Clifton's and Wires went to the Air and Space Museum.

Monday, July 18, 2011

June 2011 Highlights

1. Chloe graduated from Riverview preschool.
2. Chloe had her first pedicure. (And we learned she will NOT let a male do it.)
3. Chloe lost her first 2 teeth (naturally).
4. We went on a vacation to NC to Papa's and the beach house (with the Dowker's).

May 2011 Highlights

1. I became the parent of a teenager as Cody turned 13!!!
2. Keegan began baseball this month.
3. We surprised Jonathan's mom on Mother's Day.
4. Sadly, I went back to work.
5. We went to Williamsburg.
6. We had family photos done.